Programs Accredited by PAASCU

In 1957, PAASCU began accrediting in the tertiary level programs in Liberal Arts, Education and Commerce. Presently, PAASCU accredits the following programs:

1. Liberal Arts/Sciences
2. Education
a. Elementary
b. Secondary
3. Business
4. Accountancy
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Computer Science
a. Information Technology
b. Information Management
c. Information Systems
7. Nursing
8. Pharmacy
9. Medical Technology
10. Hospitality Management
11. Travel and Tourism
12. Social Work
13. Agriculture
14. Criminal Justice
15. Engineering

  • a. Civil
  • b. Chemical
  • c. Computer
  • d. Electrical
  • e. Mechanical
  • f. Industrial
  • g. Electronics and Communications
  • h. Manufacturing Engineering and Management

16. Radiologic Technology
17. Occupational Therapy/ Physical Therapy

18. Nutrition and Dietetics
19. Interior Design/Fine Arts
20. Basic Medical Education
21. Graduate Education

  • a. Arts and Sciences
  • b. Education
  • c. Business Administration
  • d. Public Health
  • e. Nursing

PAASCU began accreditation of secondary schools in 1965. The accreditation of elementary schools was started in 1971. The accreditation of integrated High School and Grade School units, or Basic Education, began in 2001.

Just one list of programs being accredited by PAASCU.

In 1988, PAASCU began accrediting in the graduate level courses or programs in Liberal Arts/ Arts and Sciences, Education and Business Administration. And in 2003, PAASCU started accrediting Medical schools.