Accreditation Process


An educational institution committed to institutional self- improvement through the guidance of PAASCU may request to become an Applicant Institution.

1. Requirements:

a.   Application letter from the President or Director of the Institution, addressed to the PAASCU Board of Directors.

b.   Department of Education/CHED certificate of recognition

  • Submission of the documents supporting the institution’s case for acceptance should include the institution’s objectives, history, organizational structure and by-laws, principal administrators, number of faculty members, number of students, and any other materials /brochures/ manuals/ or other publications.
  • Payment of an application fee.

2.   PAASCU’s Actions and Responsibilities:

  • a.   Formal acceptance as an Applicant Institution.
  • b.   Assistance through Consultancy Services.


Candidate status is granted to institutions which have completed their preliminary survey visit and  preparing for initial accreditation. Candidacy is not accreditation and does not assure eventual accreditation. It is an indication that an institution is progressing toward accreditation.

      1.   Requirements:

  • a.   Completion of a preliminary survey visit.
  • b.   Implementation of the recommendations of the preliminary survey team.
  • c.   Completion of an Institutional Self-Survey using the PAASCU survey forms.
  • d.   Submission of the accomplished Self-Survey at least one (1) month prior to Formal Survey Visit.
  • e.  Assessment which is on candidate status is on until such time that it meets the requirements of a Member Institution.

2.  PAASCU’s Actions and Responsibilities:

  • a.   Consultancy services, particularly during the Institutional Self- Survey process, are made available.
  • b.   Scheduling of a Formal Survey Visit upon request of the institution.


A Candidate Institution which has fulfilled the requirements of accreditation may be granted Member status.

1.   Requirements:

  • a.   The Institution should receive a favorable rating after the Formal Survey Visit.
  • b.   The Institution should  implement the recommendations of the Formal Survey Team.
  • c.   Payment of the membership fee.
  • d.  Favorable evaluation by a PAASCU Formal Survey Team leads to the granting of accreditation for a period of three (3) years. With this, the institution becomes a full member of the Association. At the end of the initial three-year accreditation period, the school undergoes another self- evaluation.
  • e.  Applies for re-accreditation if the second formal visit is favorable, then accreditation is awarded for a period of five (5) years.

2.  PAASCU’s Actions and Responsibilities:

  • a.   Consultancy services to strengthen the areas needing improvement.
  • b.   Assistance through school improvement program and services.
  • c.   Continued liaison with FAAP and the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education.