What Are the Benefits and Incentives for the Various Levels?

A. Level I/ Level II:

  • Full administrative deregulation, provided that reports of promotion of students and lists of graduates are available for review by CHED at all times.
  • Financial deregulation in terms of setting tuition and other school fees and charges.
  • Authority to revise the curriculum without CHED approval provided that CHED and Professional Regulation Commission minimum requirements and guidelines, where applicable, are complied with and the revised curriculum is submitted to CHED Regional Offices.
  • Authority to graduate students from accredited courses or programs of study in the levels accredited without prior approval of the CHED and without need for Special Orders.
  • Priority in the awards of grants/subsidies or funding assistance from CHED-Higher Education Development Fund (HEDF) for scholarships and faculty development, facilities improvement and other development programs.
  • Right to use on its publications or advertisements the word “ACCREDITED” pursuant to CHED policies and rules.
  • Limited visitation, inspection and/or supervision by CHED supervisory personnel or representatives.

B. Level III:

  • All the benefits for Level I/II.
  • Authority to offer new courses allied to existing Level III courses without need for prior approval, provided that the concerned CHED Regional Office (CHEDRO) is duly informed.
  • Privilege to apply for authority to offer new graduate programs, open learning/ distance education, extension classes and to participate in the transnational education.

C. Level IV:  

  • All the benefits for Levels I, II and III.
  • Grant of full autonomy for the program for the duration of its Level IV accredited status.
  • Authority to offer new graduate programs allied to existing Level IV courses, open learning/ distance education and extension classes without need for prior approval by CHED provided that the concerned CHEDRO is duly informed.