Vision – Mission Statements, Objectives and Core Values

PAASCU’s Vision-Mission statements are as follows:


PAASCU is the leading, independent, professional association in the Philippines and beyond that fosters quality education through voluntary accreditation. It is a leading advocate for quality assurance in ASEAN.


PAASCU is a private, non-profit and non-stock corporation that serves  its member institutions  and   advocates quality education through voluntary accreditation.  It  is committed to :

1.  Promote member institutions’ implementation of their vision, mission, and goals, achievement of minimum standards and evidenced excellence based on learning outcomes, and responsiveness to stakeholders.

2.  Use a  developmental approach to  support, empower, and sustain  the continuous improvement and innovation initiatives of its member institutions through self-assessment and site visits of member schools, training, research, consultancy services and collaborative undertakings with local and international partners.

3.  Serve the national and global communities through its pursuit of a culture of excellence in education.


 PAASCU has the following objectives:

  • To encourage and assist member institutions to continually improve themselves through a culture of on-going and cyclical evaluation, self-assessment and peer review for quality improvement .

  • To assure local and international stakeholders of the quality of education in accredited programs and institutions.

  • To strengthen the capabilities of educational institutions for service to the nation, ASEAN and beyond.

  • To promote and integrate the efforts of member institutions to elevate the standard of education in the Philippines.

  • To assist member institutions and their graduates, in their quest for national, regional and international recognition of their academic programs.

  • To collaborate with national and international agencies and organizations involved in quality assurance.

  • To provide training, research, consultancy and quality assurance services to educational institutions and other agencies/organizations inside and outside the country.

  • To ensure the growth and sustainability of the association through research and the periodic updating of accreditation processes.

  • To provide regular capability building of staff and accreditors.

  • To utilize appropriate and updated technology in the operation of PAASCU.

PAASCU recognizes that its members have the primary responsibility for quality.  The core values provide the foundation of PAASCU’s vision, mission and objectives.

 Core Values

Quality.  The pursuit of quality education drives the vision-mission, objectives and all the undertakings of the association.  The pursuit of quality is a continuing and cyclical process.

Leadership.  Initiatives are undertaken to ensure the relevance of standards, appropriateness of accreditation practices  and innovativeness.

Integrity.  Decisions and undertakings are based on facts, fairness and impartiality.  PAASCU has clear policies on confidentiality and conflicts of interest.

Compassion.  PAASCU is rigorous and objective, developmental and compassionate.

Transparency.  The processes, internal and external, are transparent and accreditation status is clear , and are duly communicated to stakeholders.

Accountability.  PAASCU takes responsibility for judgments and decisions made.

Flexibility.  Changes and modifications are considered in the development of standards and instruments  in the practice of accreditation.

Community.  PAASCU, its member institutions and their stakeholders, espouse and foster a collegial environment through collaboration and networking.