Saint Mary’s University


Name of Institution Program Level Status Valid Until
Saint Mary’s University Bachelor of Arts III Dec. 2020
Bayombong, 3700 Nueva Vizcaya Bachelor of Science III Dec. 2020
  Busines Administration III Dec. 2020
  Civil Engineering III May 2017
  Elementary Education III Dec. 2020
  Secondary Education III  
  Entrepreneurship III Dec. 2020
  Master of Arts in Education (Educational Administration, Guidance & Counseling, Reading Education and Religious Education) III May 2017
  Master of Arts in Teaching (Biology, Chemistry, English, Filipino & Physics) III May 2017
  Master of Business Administration  III May 2017
  Ph.D. in Educational Management III May 2017
  Grade School III May 2021
  High School II Nov. 2021
  Information Technology I Nov. 2017
  Accountancy/Management Accounting I Nov. 2017
  Hospitality Management I May 2020
  Tourism Management I May 2020
  Criminal Justice Education Candidate Nov. 2015
  Nursing Candidate Nov. 2017



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