Silliman University

Name of Institution Program Level Status Valid Until
Silliman University Bachelor of Arts IV Dec. 2020
6200 Dumaguete City Bachelor of Mass Communication IV Dec. 2020
  Bachelor of Science IV Dec. 2020
  Bachelor of Science in Psychology IV Dec. 2020
  Nursing IV Dec. 2020
  Elementary Education IV Dec. 2020
  Secondary Education IV Dec. 2020
  BS in Chemistry III Dec. 2015
  Computer Science II Dec. 2020
  Information Systems II Dec. 2020
  Information Technology II Dec. 2020
  Medical Technology II Dec. 2020
  Physical Therapy II Nov. 2023
  Nutritions & Dietetics II May 2015
  Agriculture II Nov. 2023
  Grade School II Nov. 2015
  Civil Engineering I May 2015
  Computer Engineering I May 2015
  Electrical Engineering I May 2015
  Mechanical Engineering I May 2015
  Basic Medical I Dec. 2018
  Social Work I May 2019
  Music Candidate Nov. 2020