PAASCU Organization

PAASCU is governed by a 15-person Board of Directors elected at large by
members during the annual General Assembly. It has seven Commissions with five
to seven members each to perform its mandate. These are the Commissions on
Graduate Education, Medical Education, Engineering Education, Tertiary
Education, Integrated Basic Education, Secondary Education and Elementary
Education. The Commission members are recommended during the General
Assembly and appointed by the Board.

The Commissions plan and initiate projects for each level, revise survey
instruments, and train accreditors and team chairs. Moreover, they review the
reports of the survey teams before these are submitted to the Board.
PAASCU’s day to day operations are handled by a Secretariat which is headed by
the Executive Director. The Secretariat takes care of the logistics of the survey
visits, invites accreditors, prepares reports and forms, and implements the projects
of the Commissions.

Over a thousand volunteer accreditors from all over the country visit the
institutions in accreditation team of six (6) to twelve (12) members depending on
the number of programs being accredited.