Guidelines Licensure Examination PAASCU Accreditation Requirement

In its meeting, last February 24, 2022, the Board of Trustees approved the Standard on Licensure Examination Results.  The standard provided the guidelines on the implementation of the licensure examination result requirements of school programs seeking initial accreditation or re-accreditation status.  It clarified that the result would be based on first-time takers only, and the calculation would be based on a yearly average.  The number of years will be based on the accreditation status being applied for.  The result will be benchmarked with the national passing percentage considering the same subject and the same calculation.

The 2022 guidelines clarified the 1997 and 2019 guidelines that did not specifically identify the examinees, i.e., first-time takers and repeaters, or only the first-time takers.  It also failed to identify the examination results being considered, i.e., for every examination in a year or the average results in a year.

The guidelines can be accessed using this link: 2022 Standard on Licensure Examination Results