PAASCU to be visited by the World Federation of Medical Education

The Recognition Team from the World Federation of Medical Education will come to the country and
audit PAASCU’s accreditation process this November 17-18, 2022, in Baguio City. The team of foreign
medical experts will observe how PAASCU accredits a medical program. The team will go with the
PAASCU team that will accredit St. Louis University’s Basic Medical Education program. They will also
observe how the Commission on Medical Education reviews the accreditation decision made by the
survey team.
PAASCU has applied for this recognition to meet the requirements of the Educational Commission for
Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) of the United States, which will require those applying for their
certification to be graduates of a medical school that is appropriately accredited. More specifically, the
medical school must be accredited by an agency recognized by the World Federation for Medical
Education (WFME). This requirement will be enforced in 2024. The ECFMG certification aims to assess
whether international medical graduates (IMGs) are ready to enter U.S. residency and fellowship
programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
PAASCU has applied for WFME recognition since 2019 and is currently part of the applicant institutions
roster for recognition.