PAS Training Session

PAS Training Session

A PAASCU Accreditation System (PAS) training session was conducted online via Zoom on February 22, 2023. In her presentation, Ms. Catherine Salamanca of Rakso CT described how member schools could navigate PAS, create their PAS Account Numbers (PAN), and explore its other features like submitting self-survey reports and scheduling accreditation visits for programs undergoing Formal and Resurvey Visits. After every topic, Dr. Cecile Gutierrez (emcee and Q8A facilitator) and Ms. Mary Ann Eala (Q&A co-facilitator) facilitated a question-and-answer portion to address any queries. The two-hour training session was attended by 520 participants, mainly composed of the school’s key administrators, Program Heads, and Quality Assurance Officers.

The PAS will be fully utilized by April 2023. In March, a separate training session for the Secretariat, Commissions, and accreditors will be conducted.

You may access the PAASCU Accreditation System here.

PAS training session presentation here.