Medical Education Accreditors attend WFME Webinar

Aiming to clarify why the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) has shifted from a prescriptive-based direction to a principle-based approach, the Federation hosted its first webinar, “Getting Started with WFME PGME Standards: An Introductory Webinar,” last December 19, 2024. The online seminar explored the content of the recently released revision of the WFME Standards for Postgraduate Medical Education. The seminar also discussed how the Standards can be used in international accreditation practice and how they are relevant to different worldwide contexts.

Professor Janet Grant, a standards specialist overseeing the WFME standards development, led the webinar. Professor Anwar Khan of the Royal College of Practitioners in the United Kingdom and Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu of Nigeria were the other guest speakers. The former discussed his experience using the standards for international accreditation of postgraduate training in primary care. In contrast, the latter discussed the need and potential applications of the WFME PGME Standards in the context of his nation and Western Africa.

Eight accreditors and commission members from PAASCU attended the webinar. PAASCU is a recognized accrediting agency of the WFME.