PAASCU’s achievement of the Recognition Status from the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) for Samoa on April 6, 2024, is a significant milestone. This recognition underscores WFME’s satisfaction with PAASCU’s rigorous accreditation process and the high-quality medical education accredited schools provide. The Samoa Qualifications Agency (SQA) also acknowledged the relevance of PAASCU’s standards and processes to the local context, further validating this recognition.

Oceania University of Medicine (OUM) is the first medical school in Samoa to receive a PAASCU accreditation status. The OUM Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program helps aspiring medical practitioners around the globe (currently from 55 countries) overcome distance, personal, and professional barriers to earning an MD degree and practicing medicine. PAASCU started accrediting OUM in 2009.