Retooling of BED Accreditors

The PAASCU Basic Education Commissions held a half-day retooling session for its accreditors on the new standards-based instrument on June 23, 2022.  The activity was participated in by 230 accreditors.

The day started with a prayer followed by a welcome message from the PAASCU Executive Director, Mr. Ricardo R. Palo.  Mr. Palo thanked the accreditors for their dedicated service to the Association and highlighted the importance of understanding the new standards in evaluating schools according to their context.

Dr. Carmela Oracion, the Commission on Secondary Education chair, was the main speaker for the training.  She gave an overview of the new survey instrument for Basic Education and the recent developments in the survey process.  She also provided input on writing the narrative of the survey reports, including the evidence and analysis sections of the narrative.  There was also a group exercise in writing the commendations and recommendations. 

The session was facilitated by Dr. Cynthia Arcadio, chair of the Basic Education Commission.